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Nearly 40% of consumers now say they are more mindful about getting a good quality/price relationship and choosing brands that provide good customer service.

CX Lab 2021 Global CX Survey

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WISH: At the Forefront of the Work-at-Home Revolution

Looking for ways to address volume fluctuations and forecasting challenges, US-based online marketplace Wish chose to add capacity with the new, innovative Teleperformance Cloud Campus model. Introducing work-at-home operations offered the versatility WISH needed, and this revolutionary approach for managing remote teams also delivered exceptional service quality, consistency, and efficiency.

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Improve acquisition, maintenance, sales, collections, returns, refunds, and query, campaign, delivery, and recall management.

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Improve processes across customer and seller lifecycle with Lean, Six Sigma, RPA intervention, and specialized tools.

Real results

Grubhub: Work-at-Home Success Before, During, and After COVID-19

To address staffing challenges during peak hours, the team decided to pilot an elastic work-at-home solution to complement their existing, site-based staff. Early on, Grubhub recognized that establishing work-at-home capabilities provided: Scheduling flexibility, scalability and adaptability Elevated employee satisfaction Business resilience and agility. Experiencing KPI improvements across the board, including a 50% reduction in attrition and a 6.5% increase in CSAT, Grubhub has chosen to permanently adopt the work-at-home model.

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