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TP Talks series

With the objective of curating a dynamic customer experience ecosystem, the TP Talks webinar series is focused on inspiring ideas on how companies can adapt to become and real-worldsuccess stories for managing ever-changing customer expectations.

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The higher the level of the emotion involved that is linked to the problem that you have, the higher is your need to talk with a human.

Steven Van Belleghem

Global Thought Leader on the Future of Customer Relationships

Even before COVID-19 hit, people were concerned about data, concerned about being hacked and that is understandable, but it happens.

Dr. Nicola Millard

Head of Customer Insight & Futures, BT Global Services Innovation Team

The chatbot is a different type of content, it is not showing you all kind of manuals or texts, it is about building a conversation with your customers and for that you should also optimize your content.

Tom Van de Wal

Director of Customer Solutions at MediaMarktSaturn